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The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - United Kingdom

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Join us for an introduction to Co-Active® coaching, at either a face to face or online meeting, or both. Together we will explore the model, see it in action and answer your questions. We look forward to welcoming you.
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Co-Active® Coaching

The Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) training pathway is an expansive coaching skill development programme for creating transformational change, in your client's life as well as in your own.
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Co-Active Leadership

Co-Active® Leadership

3 days, 5 dimensions, unlimited potential!
Ready for a new way to lead? Our new Co-Active® Leadership Experience takes you through our revolutionary five-dimensional leadership approach.
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The Co-Active® Approach

CTI's renowned Co-Active® Model balances self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships, and courageous action to create an environment where individuals are fulfilled and better connected to themselves and others. Our model is based on the principle of Co-Active® interaction, a relationship-based approach rooted in the competencies of emotional intelligence and the belief that people have an inherent desire to strive toward meaningful and fulfilling goals.

Co-Active Global Service

Global Relevance

The consistency of coaching standards and qualifications, coupled with the coaches respect for the Co-Active® coaching model, ensures that any client will experience transformative coaching within a common framework.
The Co-Active® coaching model transcends geography because it operates at an intercultural level - fully honouring the diversity and culture of each individual while continually pointing back to the universal experience we share as human beings.

Co-Active Faculty Trainers

Expert Faculty

The quality of our course leaders is unparalleled. Each is an expert facilitator who has trained many of the world's most successful coaches.
As the world's largest coaching faculty, all of CTI's trainers have undergone the most comprehensive training and adhere to rigorous industry standards, to ensure an exceptional coach and leadership training experience. We invite you to explore the commitment, lives and passions of our CTI leaders.

Co-Active Leadership Development

Shaping Leaders

CTI offers a truly transformative and intensive 10-month cohort-based leadership programme. We consider everyone to be a leader, and help to clarify their calling, understand the impact they most want to have, move past self-limiting beliefs, and connect to their inherent leadership presence. Armed with this empowered sense of self and purpose, Co-Active® Leadership participants go on to make their greatest possible contributions to their world.

Co-Active Coaching in Organisations

Shaping Organisations

CTI supports businesses throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia to transform organizational cultures based on Co-Active® principles. By its very nature Co-Active® leadership and business coaching cultivates transformational change. A Co-Active® approach to human development is transformative and creates a workforce that is able collectively and courageously to step forward, set radical expectations, and achieve unprecedented outcomes.

Co-Active Accredited Coach training school

Shaping the Field

CTI has played a significant role in shaping the profession of coaching through its relationship with the International Coach Federation (ICF). All our coach training courses provide what you need to acquire the industry standard coaching qualifications the ICF. CTI is dedicated to ongoing development and improvement of our training to ensure the coaching profession continues to evolve to the highest professional standard.