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The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - United Kingdom

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CTI & Co-Active® Training

Founded in 1992, CTI is the oldest and largest in-person coach training school and one of the most innovative leadership training organizations in the world. The Co-Active® model, developed by CTI co-founders Karen and Henry Kimsey-House and Laura Whitworth, encompasses a philosophy, a methodology, a skill set and a communication form that balances self-awareness, relationship intelligence and courageous action so that people can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most. CTI's Co-Active® model is being applied in business, education, medicine, government, communities and families around the world.

As leaders in holistic coaching that embraces both the transpersonal and the transformative organisational learning movement, CTI bases its curriculum on finding and enacting the connection between the quiet and still discovery of how we are ('Being') and taking inspired action in what we do ('Doing'). With each coaching experience, the coach and coachee become curious about the meanings of our experience and perceptions, explore energies and intuition and in the process, co-create an explicit, yet constantly refreshed, designed alliance for a revolutionary transformation.

Coaches seeking the connection between spirituality and self-development are drawn to coaching institutes that guide and promote this path, and individuals seeking greater fulfilment in their lives seek coaches who have these insights to evoke the revolutionary transformation sought by the coachee.

What is Co-Active® coaching?


Co-Active® coaches are expertly trained to express Co-Active principles in a professional context in service of another person's growth and success. Co-Active® coaching is an evolved way of communicating - a truly holistic approach for relating to another human being, addressing a person's whole life, at every level of consciousness.

The Co-Active model is simple, elegant and adaptable in any coaching situation: personal, executive, group, wellness and many more.

CTI's incredibly in-depth coach training prepares you to coach anyone on a very broad range of topics with confidence that you are supported by the most flexible and proven model in the coaching world. Participants who have taken the course have successfully applied Co-Active principles and tools in management and leadership, private practice, HR & Talent roles and of course in all personal relationships. Co-Active coaching skills can be successful applied to any niche market.

Being Co-Active®


The word Co-Active® is an adjective, a way of being, an emergent and complex stand one takes in the world, a term full of ambiguity and mystery. Co-Active® is so much more than simply a methodology of coaching, it is also a road map for living a more fulfilled, integrated life. Read more...

CTI -  Co-Active

Track Record

  • 56'300+ students trained in the Co-Active® model
  • 8'800+ Certified Professional Co-Active® Coaches
  • 3'200+ Leadership graduates, programmes available in 7 locations
  • 13'700+ courses delivered worldwide, in 74 cities across 32 countries
  • Graduates from over 100 countries
  • 218 Faculty: trainers, supervisors, mentors and examiners

Figures updated March 2017

Learning and Design Philosophy

All Co-Active® curricula are designed around a core set of adult learning principles which include:

  • Human beings have an inherent desire to learn and grow. Part of the human endeavor is to become an engaged and contributing member of society.
  • Learning occurs when people are able to directly experience new ways of being and acting with others within the contexts that matter to them.
  • Learning is a process of active experimentation, engagement, and interaction with the world.
  • Learning happens most powerfully through human interrelationship rather than in isolation. A community of engaged learners creates a richness of experience that cannot be created alone.
  • We do not use role play at workshops but ask that participants and facilitators use real examples that are important to them during practices. This gives the participant confidence in using the concepts and tools and creates a highly connected learning environment.
CTI -  Co-Active

The Co-Active® approach to coaching integrates three foundational principles that together serve to enhance the quality and results experienced by an individual or organisation through coaching:
(1) Fulfillment — deriving deep satisfaction from work that is meaningful, value based, and purpose-driven,
(2) Balance — viewing life's challenges and opportunities from an empowered stance, making powerful choices and taking effective action and
(3) Process — operating with full engagement and awareness of what is occurring at any given moment.

These principles are at the centre of the coaching process — the Co-Active® leader/ coach always strives for the coachee's full realisation of these principles. Co-Active® coaching addresses the whole person.